Game: Balloon Towers

external image balloons%20psd%20copy.jpg


Get into 3 groups. Each group will have 6 to 7 people.

I will give you a pack of balloons and a roll of tape. Make a tower out of the balloons and the tape. You have 25 minutes to work!


The tower should stand up by itself! You may NOT use the wall, the ceiling, or other people or objects to keep the tower standing.


  • to blow the balloons up
  • to tape balloons to each other
  • to balance balloons on each other
  • to hold the tower up
  • to fall down
  • to pop
  • to make a plan
  • to give orders
  • to help others
  • to cooperate with others
  • to work independently
  • to design the tower
  • to build the tower

Personal characteristics
  • competitive - cooperative
  • hardworking - lazy
  • motivated - unmotivated
  • organized - disorganized
  • bossy - passive
  • fast - slow
  • spontaneous - careful
  • serious - playful
  • excited - bored
  • creative - unoriginal
  • loud - quiet

What does your balloon tower look like?

Are you satisfied with the results?

What was the process like?

How did you interpret the instructions? Was it a game or a competition?

What did you learn about yourself during the game?
I learned that I. . .

What did you learn about your classmates?
I learned that Carla. . .