Mon Feb 6th

Review of homework at BACK of book pg. 52


Most of us practiced yoga twice during the immersion program.
(Some students were in L.A., so they missed (perdieron) the laughter yoga.)

Did you like practicing regular yoga with Maxine and Ben? Why?

Did you like laughter yoga? Why?

For about a decade, yoga has been (ha sido) very popular in the United States.
Is yoga popular in Brazil, Peru, or Chile? Why?
What are other popular kinds of exercise?

Reading about yoga using most / some / a few / everyone pg. 24 BACK of book

Introduction to DVD

Act 1 of "The Stoop Sale" and pgs 1-3 in BACK of book

Simple past tense

pg. 44-45

Tues Feb 7th

How was the test yesterday?
Was it hard? Was it easy?
Did you get nervous?
Are you going to get a good score?
Everybody is going to get a certificate anyway, so don't worry!

Simple past tense pronunciation

Survey on back of page:
The students will form 2 circles.
The students on the inside will ask a single question.
The students on the outside will answer each question.

Write at least ten sentences about your experiences in Santa Fe.

homework: pg. 34-35 BACK of book

Wed Feb 8th

Review of homework: pg. 34-35 BACK of book

Practice with Past Tense & "I mean..."

pg. 48-49 activities 1,2,3

PowerPoint Presentation

Did Luciene, Artur, Larissa, and Catarina bring their computers?

All of the pictures should be appropriate (no alcohol, please).
Nobody should dominate the presentation.
All of the students should be included equally (not always Camila in all of the pictures, for example :)

Write commentary or a title for all of the pictures.
Use the past tense.


One student uses gestures and sounds to explain a secret sentence.
Every sentence begins with "I __" and is in the past tense.
The rest of the students guess the secret sentence.

Thurs Feb 9th

Past tense practice

pg. 88: activity B
pg. 89: activity A
pg. 95: activity A

Questions: Did with beliefs & superstitions

Questions about the past put the past tense on Did.
You went to school.
Did you go to school?

Continuation of DVD

Act 2 of "The Stoop Sale" and pgs 5-7 in BACK of book

Question Transformation: to be

The verb be moves to the front of a question.
You are going home this weekend.
Are you going home this weekend?

Activity: double-circle to ask and answer to be questions

PowerPoint Presentation

Can I see the presentation?
I need to approve it before Friday.


pg. 118-119


Susanne's office is closed to us!
(We distract her too much and she can't do her work.)
No more coffee, etc.!