Introductions & Greetings

To introduce yourself:
  • Rodolfo: Hello! My name's Rodolfo.
  • Larissa: Hi! I'm Larissa.

To introduce someone else:
  • Tom: Dr. Jones, I'd like you to meet my friend, Maria
  • Dr. Jones: Hello, Maria. It's a pleasure to meet you.
  • Maria: Hello, Dr. Jones. It's nice to meet you, too.
  • Tom: Jake, this is Maria.
  • Jake: Hi, Maria.
  • Maria: Nice to meet you, Jake.

To greet someone you already know:
  • Bill: Good morning/afternoon/evening. How are you?
  • Megan: Fine, thanks. And you?
  • Bill: Great! Thank you for asking.
  • Luis: Hey! What's up? (Wussup? or 'Sup?)
  • Steve: Nothin' much. How 'bout you?
  • Luis: Just chillin'.

It was controversial when the Obamas bumped fists.
It was controversial when the Obamas bumped fists.

What physical actions should you make?
  1. Shake hands (formal)
  2. Fist bump (informal)
  3. Hug (for friends and acquaintances)
  4. Kiss (for very close relationships or depending on cultural background)

"Total Physical Response"

  1. Wave your hand to say hello.
  2. Shake hands with your neighbor.
  3. Make a fist.
  4. Bump fists with your neighbor.
  5. Hug your neighbor.